First Words

As a programmer, this would be the appropriate place to write “Hello, world!” I’m Nicolette, a Software Engineer based in Neenah, Wisconsin. I’m a full-stack developer, but most of my experience lies in front-end development. I work primarily with content management systems, MVC, MVVM, and Webforms .NET apps, iOS apps via Xamarin, and Salesforce app development.  I’m three years into my career as a developer, and admittedly, haven’t done much blogging yet. As time goes on, you’ll see this blog look a little snazzier, and I’ll post articles on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Being a Software Engineer isn’t all about putting your head down and hammering out code. It involves a lot of soft skills too! Tuesdays will be dedicated to the soft skills that can make you more productive and make your projects run smoother. Thursdays will be more technical: I’ll talk about concepts I learn as I add to my own skillset, some things I’ve learned along the way, and side projects I work on at home. I hope to interact with you too! I’d love to get a dialogue going. That said, stay on topic and be respectful if you do choose to comment. Here we go!

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